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Top 10 Favourite Songs in Video Games

Music, it is an integral part of our daily lives and as such we like to listen to it every day - from movies,radio and of course video games which is the topic we will be talking about today - Top Ten  Favourite Video Game Songs and i have a couple of rules that i would like to put into place. First - One Video Game Song per franchise. Secondly - Songs that come from video games that are based on a particular anime do count for this list as long as they were made exclusively for the video game. Thirdly - this list is going to be my personal, if you disagree with this list then - fair enough. Now with that out of the way it’s time to get the music playing as we count down.


Top Ten Favourite Songs in Video Games:

Number 10:

We are Finally Cowboys from No More Heroes:

Youtube Link: We are Finally Cowboys

When it comes to character themes - it is extremely important that the personality of the character is conveyed well from the music and one of the best examples of this that i can find is the final boss theme of No More Heroes - We are Finally Cowboys. Now what makes this song great in my eyes - well first of all the use of guitars. The Guitars convey one simple fact - Henry Cooldown absolutely rocks - he is a cool motherfucker who will not hesitate to beat your ass down in a flash. The guitar along with the beat make this song extremely addicting to listen to - it is designed to give you a rush as you face down an Irish Lightsaber Using Badass voiced by Quinton Flynn. I especially like when the song brings in other instruments like the drums and flute - it gives the song an extremely unique quality to it. This song is great at hyping up for the fantastic final boss that is Henry Cooldown. As for why it’s at the bottom of the list - well i simply like the other 9 Songs more. But overall this is a great song from a great soundtrack. Let’s hope No More Heroes 3 doesn’t disappoint.

Number 9:

Get Pimpin from Madworld

Youtube Link: Get Pimpin

Ah MadWorld - what a underrated game you are, as much as i love the No More Heroes Franchise - Madworld has a special place in my heart - sure it can be a bit repetitive and some of the boss fights can go suck the dick of Satan but Madworld also has extremely fun gameplay as well as some fantastic boss fights but the crown achievement of Madworld has to be the final boss of Madworld - the Black Baron and his first boss theme - Get Pimpin (don’t get me wrong i like So Cold but it can’t touch Get Pimpin). When it comes to conveying a character's personality there are few songs that do it better then Get Pimpin. The Black Baron has a very eccentric personality and this is conveyed extremely very well through the song. While i am not the biggest fan of Rap with the character like the Black Baron - it fits extremely well. This song basically the Black Baron telling Jack that he is going to destroy him and look swag while doing it. I mean look at these lyrics:

You see my swag
Now you wanna come and give me all this drag
I think you better back, back
Because my hand is itching to give you a smack
What's your name again Jack?
It's the end of the road ain't no turning back
Don't let the fly taste fool you
Mater fact it's about time that I school you

These lyrics come from someone who knows they are the coolest and they are not afraid to show off their swag. It also encourages the player as both while fighting and in the song - the Black Baron is constantly smack talking you - not believing that Jack has a chance against the Black Baron but with your skills as a player - it’s time to prove that pimp wrong as you get in the lack smack. Everything about this song is just incredibly fun to listen to - from the extremely catchy song to the upbeat but scathing lyrics that convey how much of a threat the Black Baron is. This song works in contrast to the much darker and sinister - So Cold. Overall this song is the complete package in terms of being a final boss theme but there is 1 or 2 final boss themes that i like over this song. Overall you better watch out or the Black Baron will school ya.

Number 8:

Scott Pilgrim Anthem from Scott Pilgrim: The World: The Game

Youtube Link: Scott Pilgrim Anthem

I recently became a fan of Scott Pilgrim through playing the excellent video game - Scott Pilgrim: The World: The Game (wow that is a mouthful). In terms of 2D Side Scrolling Beat em ups. I would definitely put it in my personal Top 5 of all time and one of the aspects that made me really like SPTWTG was the soundtrack which was by the excellent band - Anamanaguchi - i seriously recommend listening to their music if you haven’t had the chance to. Now why did i pick this song out of all the others in this excellent soundtrack - well personally this song was always the catchiest and the best song to convey the adventure you are about to embark on with Scott Pilgrim and friends. The Intro of the Song is fantastic build up and then after 10 seconds the song erupts into 8-bit glory. The song is extremely fast paced - conveying the rush and adventure you will have while playing this game but it also makes sure that it slows down to show off how good a band that Anamanaguchi are. Despite being an 8-bit skilled song - it is an extremely complex and multilayered song - which is extremely difficult to do for an 8-Bit song like this one. But personally the best part of this song is the main section which is extremely catchy (seriously this song will be stuck on your head). While there are plenty of fantastic songs in this soundtrack - this is a personal favourite of fine and i will be listening it in the years to come.

Number 7

Danganronpa/Super Danganronpa 2 Theme - Danganronpa/Super Danganronpa 2


Considering - i am a huge fan of Danganronpa as a franchise i needed to put at the very least one Danganronpa song on this list and i had an extremely hard time choosing which song i wanted to put on the list (originally i was going to put the 3rd Execution Theme of Danganronpa V3 on the list but as i listen to this song more i decided to choose this one instead - i mean this is the main theme of the game after all, they have to put their best forward at the start of the game). This song is really good at conveying the tone and atmosphere of the Danganronpa games.  What i especially like about the first Danganronpa Theme is the fact that it uses vocals in an interesting way - the vocalist is not saying words but rather saying haunting sounds and words that really convey a sense of dread which is especially appropriate considering the dark tone and nature of the Danganronpa series. The first half of the song mixing the haunting vocalist with a interesting almost electronic beat that conveys a sense of dread but man the second half when the guitar starts kicking in is simply sublime - i could listen to that for hours. The Danganronpa 2 version is also pretty damn great - while it’s not as haunting as Danganronpa 1 - the use of guitar plus rock makes it so satisfying when you get to the end of the game and this song plays. Honestly i kinda prefer the DR2 version though they do have their own strengths and weaknesses. Overall both versions of this song are great and while i do prefer DV3’s soundtrack - i will freely admit that for me this song is the best song in the Danganronpa Franchise.

Number 6:

Reign - Yakuza 0

Youtube Link : Reign

One of the most underrated video game franchises - at least here in the west would definitely be Yakuza Series and like some underrated video games “cough” Madworld “cough” - it also has a fantastic soundtrack. It was an extremely difficult choice narrowing it down to which Yakuza song i would put on the list but at the end of the time i had to go with the charcter theme of the best character in Yakuza 0 - Goro Majima’s Reign. Now why did i pick this song out of all the songs - well personally i think this character perfectly conveys the struggles that Goro Majima as well as his desires. Remember when i said that character theme’s should convey information about the character's personality through song - Reign does that wonderfully.

“I heard in midnight someone screamed into the dark” - in the crime ridden city - anything could happen at night to a victim. “Gonna choose someone to backstab by a spin of the wheel” - Goro Majima may have his good points but he also is not afraid to get down and dirty and backstab anyone who he feels like. “I know that, this era is gonna make no sense” - this line conveys the insanity that was the 80s which had a huge impact in the next generations. “BANG! BANG! Went the gun but you know the show must go on!” - this shows that Majima is fine with doing some morally bad things or it could convey the risk that Yakuza and former Yakuza face as they could eventually end on on the barrel of a gun. “No time to lose.So I’ll find my path.No time to lose So I’ll find my path.Before anyone else…” - this shows how dedicated Majima is at finding his own path in life and not relying on anyone else.”I am rolling in piles and piles of bills” - This especially is apporiate considering during the 80s in japan there was a lot of money.
My personal favourite lyrics would have to be this line:

I would fight for my belief
I would temper your grief
I would defend my precious
I would reach to the top

As this perfect convey Majima’s role in the plot. “I would fight for my belief” - Majima in the story fights for his own beliefs and code. He doesn’t kill Makoto since it goes against his beliefs. “I would temper your grief” - Makoto is currently dealing with the death of a close family member and Majima has to help her cope and eventually recover from all the shit she encountered. “I would defend my precious” - this one is pretty obvious. Majima wants to protect Makoto from the people going after her. “I would reach to the top” - Majima wants to become the top dog in crime.

Even beyond the significant lyrics - the song is extremely well done  using multiple instruments as well as guitars to get you pumped up when you are kicking some serious ass with Majima. Overall this song is extremely well down in both the lyrics and the instrumentation and even if you are not a fan of the series - i would highly recommend giving this a listen.

Number 5

Caesar Zeppeli’s Theme - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven


I talked about this song a year ago when i stated that this song was my favourite ever fighting game song and a year later i still stand by that assessment. This song is so good as both as a song and conveying the character of Caesar Zeppeli - whose life had numerous tragic moments and was full of hardship. This song is extremely different from most fighting game theme - a lot of fighting game themes  are meant to get the player hyped to kick some ass and that’s the case with a lot of Eyes of Heaven songs but this song has a another objective in mind - it shows off the tragedy of the character.

Compare this song to pretty much all of the Songs in Eyes of Heaven and you will see a noticeable difference. A lot of songs in Eyes of Heaven are fast paced rock songs while this song is a much more slower paced affair that uses the piano to convey the loneliness as well as the sadness of the character of Caesar Zeppeli. The combination of Piano and Violin makes for a wonderful classical peace. Using these two instruments was perfect for a more sad/melancholic theme. It conveys what Caesar had to go throughout his live and wow he never truly found true happiness he did mind friendship in a young man named Joseph Joestar. I personally feel that this shows shows the weight of expectations and his family’s legacy that Caesar had to bear - Caesar throughout his journey is never truly happy. He not only has to bear the cross of his constant  failures but also his family’s legacy. I feel that this song emphasis this really damn well.

This is song is very fleeting,beautiful  but at the end of the day it does not last like a bubble. Overall this is my favourite fighting character theme (though for some reason it reminds me a lot of Undertale - i wonder if that’s future foreshadowing to a future entry “cough”

Number 4

Dark Star Core - Mario and Luigi, Bowser’s Inside Story

Youtube Link: Dark Star Core

Believe you me i had an antagonising time choosing which Mario Song i wanted to put on the list - there were so many to choose from but at the end of the day i decided to go with my gut and choose the song that i feel is the best from the Mario and that would be the song - Dark Star Core from Mario and Luigi,Bowser’s Inside Story.l am not the biggest fan of Bowser’s Inside Story but even i can’t deny just how climatic and complete this song is as a piece is. There has been plenty of great Mario Final Boss themes but i feel none of them quite matchup to the sense of climatic finale that this track does for the finale of Bowser’s Inside Story. There are multiple aspects of this song that i really like but one of those aspects is the extremely effective use of the piano. Unlike with Caesar Zeppeli’s theme - the use of piano in this piece is meant to convey a sense of foreboding - this is the final battle, the battle for the Mushroom Kingdom is reaching it’s climax and Fawful is not messing around. Before he was just a henchman to the main villain and wasn’t that much of a threat but now he’s back and ready for action - he has fused with the Dark Star and become Dark Bowser and now Bowser has to team up with Mario and Luigi have to team up to take him down.

This song really conveys that sense that if Mario/Luigi/Bowser don’t stop him them the world is doomed. This song expertly conveys the sense of dread and the possible consequences that could happen if you lose this fight. However, while the song also has a sense of dread to it - it also has a sense of epicness to it - this is the final battle, you can’t give up here - you must press on and finally put Fawful in his place.All the instruments work together in perfect combination - i would argue that in terms of instrumentation this is the perfect Mario Final Boss Theme. It combines everything i look for in a good boss theme - sense of dread,pushes the player to keep on fighting against impossible odds, a sense of finality. This song has it all - the only question is what songs can top Dark Star Cour.

Number 3:   

Wally’s Boss Fight Theme from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Youtube Link: Wally's Theme

Like Mario - i had the toughest time choosing which Pokemon Song - originally i was going to put Primal Dialga from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 on the list but when i thought about it - i decided to go with Wally’s Boss Fight Theme from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Now why would i choose this song out of all the different unique songs in the Pokemon series. Well first of all quite simply - this song rock hards. Like out of all the Pokemon Songs i have listen to (and i am a huge Pokemon fan by the way) i listen to this song the most. This use of extremely fast paced guitars make this song extremely catchy and awesome to listen (the word kick ass is appropriate to use for this song). But the main reason why i chose this song out of the other many Pokemon Songs is because it exceptionally captures the character arc of Wally).

In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - Wally was pretty much a non character having very little time to interact with the other members of the cast and was kinda pointless (the only purpose was to give the main character another rival) but with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Wally’s character changed for the better. We got to understand his character more and why he wants to become a trainer so badly and not been seen as the sick week kid anymore. The main character encounters him numerous times throughout the story and every time he gets stronger and stronger. Once we get to victory road it’s clear that Wally has changed for the better - he is no longer the weak kid he once was. Now he is truly ready to beat you and prove his strength. This song expertly conveys this as it is an extremely kickass rock song that shows that Wally has truly gone from a young kid to a true hero and trainer who loves his pokemon. Honestly this entire boss fight is one of my favourites from the series but i have to give props to Wally’s battle music that shows how much he has changed as a person and showing he is no longer messing around - he wants to beat you. In terms of showing how much a character has developed - this song shows this really damn well. Overall because of the kick ass instrumentation to the symbolic meaning of this song, this song has become one of my favourites.

Number 2:

Last Surprise from Persona 5


Youtube Link: Last Surprise


If Pokemon and Mario were extremely difficult choices - then choosing which Persona song i wanted to put at Number 2 was almost impossible - i had multiple candidates that could take this spot but in the end i decided to go with my favourite song from Persona 5 - Last Surprise.

As for why i picked this song out of all others considering all the excellent songs in the Persona 5 Ost. Well personally i feel this song perfectly represents the tone as well as the Phantom Thieves themselves. For example - “You it's not quite what you foretold”, this line is extremely interesting for plot reasons as i could be wrong on this but spoilers for Persona 5 - to be this is the protagonist telling Igor/Yabaldoth that the future is not what he foretold which is true since the P5MC manages to defy fate and defeat Yabaldoth despite the impossible odds stacked against him.

“You think you got your game
Planned out
To a T
Yet I'm two
Steps ahead yeah
So... you step into my way
Stand down”

To me this shows how the Phantom Thieves are always two steps ahead of the government/police who were not able to figure out who the members of the Phantom Thieves. They are basically trying to get into the Phantom Thieves way.

“Clear blue skies
But now lightning's struck your last resolve
It's not an accident that no one
Hears your cries
As your last strength seems to dissolve”
This could foreshadow Goro’s role at the story and after his boss fight - he loses his resolve the fight the Phantom Thieves. This is also fitting because Goro is a person who is clearly in a lot of pain due to the nature as a Bastard and his father so the line “It’s not an accident that no one hears your crimes is extremely fitting.

“Better think
About your game
Are you sure
Your next move's the right one for you?
Are you sure
You won't get outmaneuvered again
And again my friend?”

This foreshadows the relationship between Goro and P5MC - Goro thinks that he has everything figured out but the Persona 5 MC always outmaneuvers him - especially when concerning the fact that P5MC tricks Goro into thinking that he is dead.

The lyrics of this song perfectly represent and foreshadow moments in the plot but what about the song itself. Well i love how this song just oozes so much style. Considering the Jazz inspired soundtrack for Persona 5 this song is just so smooth and stylish which could pretty much sup up the entire game now that i think about it. The beat of the song is extremely pleasing to the ears and the vocalist perfect conveys the style of the song through the lyrics.

This song is the absolute complete package in terms of conveying the tone of the story, the style of the gamer and is such an enjoyable song to listen to that i will play it when i have nothing bet to do because it always puts me in a great mood. I love Persona 5’s soundtrack (it’s in my Top 5 favourite soundtracks of all time) but personally this song just pushes it over the edge for me.I highly recommend you give it a read.

Before i reveal what my Number One Favourite Song is - i have a few..

Honorable Mentions


Now with that out of the way - it’s time for..

Number 1:


Remember when i mentioned a little game called Undertale - well good news, Undertale has taken the Number One place - now which song will i choose to be at Number 1. There’s a bunch of songs i could pick like Battle Against a True Hero,Megalovania,etc but as i debating which Undertale song should be at Number 1 - i came to one conclusion - the World is about Hopes and Dreams.

Hopes and Dreams/Save the World  from Undertale:


Youtube Link: Hopes and Dreams/Save the World

I love Undertale’s soundtrack i truly but man this song out of all impressed me the most - so much song that i consider it to be my favourite video game song of all time and that’s quite a feat considering how many songs i have listened to in my 10+ years as a gamer. So why did this
song make number 1 - well let’s tackle this song in segments to show why i like this song so much.

Instrumentals/Beat: The instrumental work as well as the chiptune style displayed in this song is fanfreakingtastic. Seriously listen to this song - the work that was put into making this song sound as good as possible surely must have been a considerable amount of work and yet this song pulled it off in spades. This really does feel like a fantastic final boss - showing both the emotion as well as as the kick-assery. You got this far not taking out a single life and no you are going to convince Asriel that he is not alone anymore through the power of determination.

Symbolic Meaning: This song has great symbolic meaning. Asriel who has been alone and has now become a being of supreme power who is a threat to the multiverse and now you have to stop him. The thing that separates you from here is determination - the fact that no matter what hardships the player has come across and going down the more difficult path by sparing everyone you still move forward being of your determination to win and prove Asriel that there is something worth fighting for and that he doesn’t have to be alone anymore and this song perfectly represents - when you listen to it you feel determined, throughout your journey you have many friends and allies along the way and now it’s your job to bare their hopes and dreams on your shoulders as through the power of determination you break through Asriel’s despair and finally reach him.

Besides Determination if there was a word i would use to describe this song it would be Hope - everyone has their Hopes riding on you as well as you the player hoping you can reach out to Asriel and stop him from making the situation. This song gives you hope - when i having an off day i will listen to this song because it always brightens my day.

Now matter how bad things get - there is always hope and that is why this song is my favourite video game song.

Thank you for reading and now since i am back i will be making more blogs in the future. Bye :D

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